It’s About People

We don’t just drive. We share our life stories. We try to help and stand up for each other.
There is nothing we cannot achieve as a team if we share a sense of purpose.

Logan H.

Great people almost never talk about themselves. Logan’s wonderful personality and true professionalism come to mind when we speak of him. Here’s some tips for young drivers!

Wakerah M.

When her daughter asked about the reason she was driving a truck, she replied, “So mommy can be the boss.” What a strong message! And, yes, we fully support it!

Marquise F.

Although there are ups and downs in trucking, stay positive and cheerful. In tense moments, remain calm. These are some pointers that Marquise showed us.

New! New! New!

Let’s wrap it up like a piece of candy!
Every year, we add brand new trucks to our fleet, ready for our drivers to start the engine!

Markeiya T.

Someone once said that women shouldn’t drive trucks. Everyone should reconsider because Markeiya is constantly defying stereotypes! We’re here to promote positive change.

Frank A.

You are aware of the great mix of Old School driving and consistently fresh enthusiasm. It means driving a truck with a high level of safety and awareness, like Frank does.

Let’s Connect

It’s about time to take your driving to next level.